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Webinar: Build vs Buy

Webinar: Build vs Buy

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Webinar: Build vs Buy

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Workforce Identity Cloud

Identity Threat Protection with Okta AI

Transforming security. Okta is the connective tissue that seamlessly integrates the SaaS and security solutions you depend on, automating real-time responses to Identity threats.

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Continuous protection, consistently secure

Strengthen your Identity's resilience post-authentication. Safeguard your ecosystem with continuous risk assessment, countering emerging threats anywhere they originate.


Always-on Protection

Continuous safeguarding against Identity-based risks through real-time reevaluation and remediation of threats.


Utilise ecosystem insights

Unleash the power of the collective intelligence from leading security solutions and SaaS applications across your organisation.


Seamlessly respond to threats

Swiftly orchestrate proactive remediation with flexible and dynamic actions against ever-evolving risks.

Discover what Identity Threat Protection can do

Amplify threat insights from your ecosystem

Integrate insights from best-in-breed security tools and SaaS apps to elevate threat visibility and expand your view across the Identity threat surface.

Protection that never sleeps

Ensure persistent security against post-login threats like session hijacking. Risk Engine dynamically evaluates user, device, and contextual changes, enabling agile, real-time risk reassessment.

Extract signal from noise

Harness intelligent reporting and visualisation to uncover patterns, manage threats, and guide security hardening. Empower teams with real-time insights into user impact and risk mitigation.

Unlock automated threat remediation

Continuously assess policy criteria to drive inline actions like session termination or on-demand MFA challenges. Or, initiate flexible workflows to impose read-only access based on changes in Identity, device, or user risk.

Secure, Universal Session Termination

Instantly terminate sessions across all supported apps and devices, ensuring comprehensive security during threats or employee changes.

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Introducing Identity Threat Protection

Continuous risk assessment meets automated, real-time threat response.

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Identity Threat Protection with Okta AI is available in Early Access.

Any products, features or functionality references in this material that are not currently generally available may not be delivered on time or at all. Product roadmaps do not represent a commitment, obligation or promise to delivery any product, feature or functionality and you should not rely on them to make your purchase decisions. 

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