Secure critical infrastructure

Reduce risk while meeting compliance requirements and expediting cloud adoption. Okta and AWS.

Eliminate static server keys and passwords

Automate access controls across servers

Put identity at the center of your server access strategy using Okta Advanced Server Access (ASA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Remove the strain of tracking and managing server admin accounts and credentials

Admins can log in to servers with their own Okta account and MFA rather than a shared one. Bonus: auditing is easier than ever before.

Benefits of Okta ASA and AWS

Quick time to value

Get your workers back online faster

Okta ASA offers a unique speed-to-deployment time to have you up in running in days—even for the largest deployments.

Single-view administration

Stop switching between multiple dashboards

With Okta ASA and AWS, you maintain full control and visibility of security and server deployments on through a single view.


Credential control

Spend time on higher-value projects, not managing identities across your organization

With credentials tied to the individual user, you can manage resource permissions on the back end based on the individual's identity.

Optimal login experience

Help workers focus on their tasks, not managing static server keys or passwords.

With Okta ASA and AWS, your workers get a simplified, single login for all network access without sacrificing security on the backend.

MFA for the infrastructure

Keep infrastructure, servers, control plane, and systems secure

Okta ASA adds an extra layer of multi-factor authentication layered on top of the native AWS security to help protect your organization's most precious asset.

Group policies at scale

Create a unified directory to manage and automate your server users, groups, and policies.

Okta exposes every component and configuration as an API, so you can scale your controls across hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of servers via automation.

(With AWS and Okta), We can spend more time architecting the infrastructure that is really unique to OKCupid to drive business.

Alexander Dumitriu

Chief Information Officer

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