How to make flexible working work with a holistic approach to identity

In 2020, COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation and highlighted the need to modernise our security and business resilience whether we were ready or not.

In phase 1 of our response to the pandemic we all had to quickly shift to a new way of working, remote work.

And, as the pandemic continues to progress and evolve, many organisations are grappling with the next question: What will the future workplace and work life look like?

Now, in this next phase IT and business leaders are deciding what their future work life looks like. Whether to provide a hybrid, dynamic, or continue with a predominantly office-based environment? They need to carefully take into account their identity and security approach to address new work life models, including:

• Meeting the needs and expectations of both employers and employees

• Automating the joiner/leaver/mover process

• Harnessing Zero-trust to ensure resilience and agility in emergency situations

• Dynamically manage office space and occupancy


We call this Trust at Work and it is rooted in a Zero Trust security to support ‘work wherever works for you’ working models.

Join speakers from Openpath and Okta as they explain why Zero Trust that's rooted in identity is key to delivering the new dynamic workplace. In this session you will learn how to implement a unified approach to dynamic work, ensuring resilience and security agility including:

1. How Openpath, together with Okta, enable dynamic working including managing office space, occupancy and building access

2. How the Okta identity cloud is delivering a unified employee experience whether at home or in the office


Watch the Webinar

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