The Okta Ransomware Prevention Checklist: A Cybersecurity Assurance Roadmap for UK Councils

3 practical steps to mitigate ransomware threats with an identity-centric zero trust approach to security

As the ransomware threat landscape and IT networks continue to expand, councils across the UK must find a way to secure their hybrid workforce beyond the traditional perimeter. But what strategies can these councils adopt to prevent surging ransomware attacks, and what role does identity-centric zero trust security play in achieving that goal?


Read the Okta Ransomware Prevention Checklist now to reveal:

  • What’s driving the sudden upsurge in ransomware attacks
  • Why identity-centric zero trust security offers the best line of defence
  • How to implement identity-centric zero trust security in 3 simple steps
A Cybersecurity Assurance Roadmap for UK Councils - cover image

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