Mazars modernises the customer experience with Okta APIs



Frank Keessen: Mazars is an accounting and tax firm. We're in the financial industry, we're offering accounting and tax services to our clients. We had a situation that we had four silos, four applications that were different username and passwords, and we wanted to create a platform, one single platform for our clients that they could log on with ease of use with one username and password.

Frank Keessen: We didn't have any password self-service recovery whatsoever, so that's why we started a new project to innovate the way we are doing business with our clients, in a digital way.

Frank Keessen: So we are creating Mazars Signals, that's a platform that's really helping our customers out. We started the Signals project about two years ago. The first six months, we started to develop the whole platform. After those six months, we were building it in Scrum. We had only three months of developing the solution with Okta. And we went live in May 2016, so it was a really rapid development.

Frank Keessen: The reason why we chose Okta was simply they had an open platform with an API stack where we could tap into and make the whole login process and password self-service very simple for our clients. We could add our own look and feel and our own way of activating our clients, to the Okta platform, and the other two competitors weren't capable of doing that.

Frank Keessen: We've had very positive feedback from our customers about the login process and the way that they could enter the application easily. Also, the password recovery process is very straightforward, so our service desk calls for our clients went from about, I think, 80-90% downwards, by implementing the Okta solution.

Frank Keessen: We like the Okta product because of the customization, the API. With Mazars Signals, Mazars has a really good solution, offering to the market, that's ahead of our competitors to make the ease of use of doing business with Mazars, getting them in a powerful position. Also, it's not about only tax returns, but we're offering all our service through one single platform. 

Frank Keessen: Our clients love, also, the mobile solution we're offering. They can see, at a glance, their tax return form, and they can simply approve or reject any time, anywhere, any place with their mobile device. And that's also secured by Okta.

Frank Keessen: The reason why we chose Okta was that we want to separate the platform, our Mazars Signals platform, from the identity. Okta, we're now more than one year live with the Signals platform, and I can say the stability of Okta is really 100%, and we really trust Okta to have our client data with them.


Mazars needed to improve the customer experience with its new customer-facing platform, Mazars Signals. The IT team selected the Okta Identity Cloud as its secure identity provider to streamline access to the platform and provides Mazar customers and applicants with a single point of entry to access their information. With self-service password reset, helpdesk tickets have decreased by over 80%.