AWS + Okta

Enhance security: Easily manage user identity and access for your developers and the applications they build

Okta offers integrations for a variety of AWS technologies. The combination of Okta and AWS enables seamless and secure user and customer experiences across any organization.

IT Admins

Enable centralized access to all of your AWS accounts and resources

  • Federate with AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) to enable single-click access to the AWS SSO user portal, where users can access all of their AWS accounts in one place
  • Automatically provision users and groups into AWS SSO
Okta AWS IT Admin
AWS Apps IT Admin MFA

Connect your workforce to the AWS business applications they need

  • Apply strong MFA to secure access to Amazon WorkSpaces (a cloud-based virtual desktop) and for other AWS applications including Amazon Chime, Amazon QuickSight, Amazon WorkMail, Amazon WorkDocs, and Amazon AppStream 2.0
  • Sync user information from HR systems like Workday and UltiPro, and take charge of audit compliance with policy-based controls


Bridge the gaps between your partner's AD/LDAP to applications built on AWS

  • Bridge resellers, partners, distributors, and their Active Directory (AD)/LDAP or legacy SAML Identity Provider infrastructure to applications built on AWS
  • Allow your partners’ employees to authenticate with LDAP/AD
  • Take advantage of rich user and group information authorize granular access to your application built on AWS
  • Supply temporary permissions for accessing all your AWS accounts through the AWS Command Line interface (CLI), allow users to authenticate with their Okta credentials, and enforce Multi-Factor Authentication.
AWS Secure User Experiences
Secure Mobile Apps

Build a secure, seamless customer experience



Okta Client AWS

Provide secure access to cloud resources, and simplify access management

Use Okta’s Advanced Server Access (ASA) to enable secure, cloud-first, zero-trust access management for AWS EC2 instances, replacing risky static keys and frustrating role-switching with session-based authorization that simplifies access and centralizes control.

Give your DevOps secure, easy access to the AWS Console

Seamlessly access the AWS Management Console using AWS SSO or Account Federation for a single place to manage identity permissions. Authenticate AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) users using Okta credentials, and enforce Multi-Factor Authentication.

AWS Partner Onboard your team


Compliance and Security Features that Meet Government Needs

Secure, audited infrastructure and processes: we take a comprehensive approach to security, and have achieved a number of certifications including FedRAMP ATO, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, and more. Okta also supports PIV/CAC for authentication.

Okta Features Government

What's New: Okta's New Integration with AWS SSO

Managing Identity and Access for AWS Using Okta has never been easier.

Okta and AWS have partnered together to build a new integration with AWS SSO. Watch this video to learn more.

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