Okta + Albertsons



Ramiya Iyer: At Albertsons, we aspire to be your favorite local grocery store. Every week we have 25 million customers coming in. So we operate under 19 banners. We are looking at the customer journey in a unified way between our stores and our online. We are not differentiating between the two. So, we are building technology in such a way that the customer can have a seamless experience in both the worlds.

Ramiya Iyer: Prior to October, we had multiple user IDs and passwords floating around. We had not just between our banners, oftentimes between the applications within the same banner. We want to focus our development efforts more towards building customer journey differentiation. So, by buying products like Okta, we are able to divert those resources to build some customer experiences.

Roopa Acharya: We wanted to rely on a partner who can bring in the IDA Solution to the table, which is secure, which lowers are total cost of ownership, which can provide all the innovative ways that customer wants to shop with us. And that's where Okta came in for us.

Roopa Acharya: So we went from a solution that was in-house and outdated, to a solution that would provide us a very seamless transaction in the backend from a customer's journey perspective. And it removed us from identity management as something we had to do, to let us focus on our core competencies. So, we were focusing on, hard as it was how do we drive business to our eCommerce websites and less about having to manage customer sessions or providing them newer capabilities. Migrating from a legacy system to a new idea solution for millions of customer data is like running your train as you're building the tracks.

Roopa Acharya: We are, our business is going fast with many projects. At the same time we are trying to migrate the customers from an older system to new system. So Okta for us provides the seamless customer experience, not just across mobiles, but also across web. And as we are looking at innovative ways for the future, we are also looking at whether we can do device recognition and make it much more in the background, how we manage identity and make it more frictionless for the customer.

One of America’s largest grocers, Albertsons, decided to give shoppers what they were looking for--a seamless customer experience whether they were shopping in-store, online, or somewhere in-between. To accomplish this, Albertsons needed an identity partner that could help it modernise, consolidate, and secure its IT infrastructure.