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Financial data is prized by hackers, but heavy-handed security controls can add friction to the customer experience. The best financial apps use open APIs to access data and functionality that enhances their offering, but these can be vulnerable to security breaches – leaving sensitive customer information exposed.

Okta’s Identity Cloud platform is the foundation for securing digital products and service, while simultaneously offering high-quality user experiences. Prevent financial identity fraud, cultivate trust, and deliver the seamless, feature-rich experiences your customers expect.

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to onboard and integrate APIs with Okta’s API Access Management, reduced from over a week
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Customer Identity – Enterprise Edition

Create secure, delightful customer experiences. Remove friction from authentication processes, with outbound identity federation to custom apps and social authentication. Collect and store user profile data at scale, to give your customers personalised experiences.

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API Access Management

View, manage and secure your API access from one single point with Okta’s cloud-based API management. Simplify API authentication and authorisation and free up your developers to focus on building great apps

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Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your customers with a seamless extra layer of security. Adaptive MFA enables secure, intelligent access based on risk level, safeguarding your users while minimising friction.

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Workflows for Customer Identity

Simplify and automate customer identity management at scale, without writing a word of code. Build identity-based processes to streamline registration, manage consents and sync customer data with marketing tools, using Okta’s user-friendly flows and connectors.

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