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5 ways Identity revitalises ageing IT.

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Building an agile, secure, and sustainable digital workplace is fundamental for success in the modern hybrid world – but can your legacy IT keep up with the pace of change? Probably not. But here are some ways a modern Identity solution can help.


Reduces the risk in your legacy hardware by adding a secure front door to every on-premises app with Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Automates deployment of on-premises apps to ease pressures on IT teams and ensure every employee can access all the tools they need to work.

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Eliminates data siloes in complex hybrid IT networks to boost workplace collaboration and help information flow freely from one place to the next.

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Unifies access experiences for both on-prem and cloud apps and ensures that privileged accounts are consistently managed.

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Reduces complexity of managing user identities across multiple systems and cuts down IT spend by centralising access control across all IT systems.

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“Okta is simple to use, efficient, and fulfils all of our needs while helping us speed up the modernisation of our infrastructure.”

Yves Couturier
CIO, Croix-Rouge Française

For more insights on how Identity helps accelerate IT modernisation and paves the way towards a modern, secure, efficient, and sustainable hybrid workplace, download our eBook Modernising Identity for a secure, agile hybrid workforce.

Modernising Identity for a secure agile hybrid workforce ebook