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​​Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management 101

Nima Attarzadeh, Senior IT Consultant Digital Media Global, Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA
Sonali Singh, Solutions Engineer, Okta
Sarah Farnsworth-Kumli, Associate Solutions Engineer, Okta

Is managing your users' lifecycles challenging? Do you rely on scripts, manual processes and tickets? In this session we cover the basics of lifecycle management and discuss pertinent features in the Okta Lifecycle Management product. Specifically, we address how to integrate authoritative sources and automate onboarding/offboarding. We'll show a demo of Lifecycle Management and hear from Merz Pharma about how they use the technology.

Workflows for Lifecycle Management

Arvil Nagpal, PM, Workflows, Okta
Benarjeey Reddy, IAM Technical Analyst, Discount Tire
Brent Wiley, System Engineer/ IAM Team Lead, Discount Tire

Okta Lifecycle Management Workflows enables IT admins to automate complex identity-centric processes such as onboarding & offboarding, creating unique usernames, and more without code. Learn about common use-cases, the vision for Workflows, and future developments. Hear how Discount Tire is addressing its automation challenges with Okta Workflows.

Roadmap: Lifecycle Management

George Kwon, Senior Director of Product Management, Okta
Ryan Bradley, Product Manager, Okta

The challenges of managing the lifecycles of your employees, contractors, partners, and customer identities are larger than ever. Organisations need more extensibility and customisability. Join this session to learn how Okta’s vision for the Lifecycle management product will help you get it all under control. We’ll discuss recent innovations and the roadmap for the upcoming year.

How Slack, Instructure, & Pluralsight have redefined SaaS Management

Curtis Salinas, Director - BizTech Strategic Planning & Operations, Slack
Gordon Atkin, Vice President, Global Information Systems & Technology, Instructure
Cory Wheeler, Co-Founder, Zylo
Shane Jarrett, Head of Business Information & Technology, Pluralsight

Modern cloud software’s intense focus on distributed user-led growth challenges any technology leader who lacks a SaaS management framework for reaching goals like enhanced security, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

Zylo co-founder Cory Wheeler leads a discussion with practical lessons and real-world examples from innovative leaders from Slack, Instructure, and Pluralsight who have all redefined their software management approach to continue to deliver on key technology and business objectives. 

Driving the Future of Identity with the Power of AI and ML

David Manks, Sr. Manager Technology Alliances Marketing, SailPoint

Digital transformation has meant more cloud, more data, and more users; and unfortunately, if not managed properly…..more risk. With the security landscape continuously changing and threats becoming more and more sophisticated, organisations are looking to the power of AI and machine learning to help stay ahead of this vicious security curve.  When it comes to protecting access to your cloud infrastructure, out of the box access management is not enough.

It’s time to rethink what identity can do for you.

Join for this informative session and learn how by combining Okta with SailPoint’s AI and machine learning is transforming identity and how a predictive approach to identity will improve security, compliance and overall efficiency within your organisation.