Data compliance and Identity security in the cloud

Staying compliant in the new era of hybrid work can be challenging. On the one hand, organisations must provide the seamless, flexible, and convenient digital experiences that their workforce expects – but increasingly stringent compliance standards, growing concerns around cybersecurity and data privacy create barriers at every turn.

To overcome these challenges, many organisations are turning to cloud Identity and Access Management for a solution. But what does this technology do exactly? And how can it help businesses stay ahead of the compliance curve while keeping their workforce safe, productive, and happy in their roles?

Watch the Data compliance and Identity security in the cloud webinar featuring Kathleen Hall of CIO marketing services and Anders Askåsen, Director of Technical Marketing, Okta, EMEA, now to explore:

  • The current state of compliance in Europe and what that means for businesses
  • How hybrid work and the pandemic have changed the way we approach compliance
  • What role Identity plays in balancing the scale between compliance and user friction

Watch the Webinar

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