5 Signs you need to upgrade your Identity programme

When your business started out, Identity management probably wasn’t top of mind. Perhaps you prioritised technology for core activities like product development and marketing, while Identity – that is, the systems you use to authenticate users and control access to your resources – took a backseat.

Now, however, the lack of focus on Identity is beginning to show on your consumer-facing apps and internal IT – from low sign-up and conversion rates due to customer login frustration, to lack of confidence in IT security and concerns about cyber resilience. Bottom line, your Identity system needs an update to keep up with your organisation’s growth and today’s demands for data privacy, secure collaboration and seamless omnichannel customer experiences.

In this paper, we explore five signs that it's time to update your Identity programme and how each affects your customers and your workforce.

Five signs it’s time to upgrade your Identity programme - cover image

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