Anatomy of Identity-Based Attacks

As a security practitioner, protecting your organization’s data and operations is becoming more complicated. Data breaches keep increasing, and Identity is a significant factor in those breaches.

  • Identity-based attacks are on the rise, particularly phishing and other forms of social engineering. Traditional MFA is no longer enough to counter these threats.
  • The number of digital identities is increasing — thanks to a mobile workforce, cloud and SaaS adoption, and supply chain integration — expanding the threat surface.
  • Valid users and their devices are becoming a significant threat vector, through social engineering, device compromise, or unintentionally or deliberately violating cyber policies.
  • Even with the most secure authentication, insecure devices and the rising risk of session hijacking remain big Identity threat vectors.

Download this whitepaper to learn from our security experts how to mitigate the top Identity-related threats to your users, their devices, and their sessions before, during, and after authentication.


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