Decoding Customer IAM (CIAM) vs. IAM

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Decoding Customer IAM (CIAM) vs. IAM

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Dubai Airports concourse.

Dubai Airports customer case study

As one of the largest airports in the world, Dubai International (DXB) has limited physical room to grow--so it turned to technology. Now, with a modern hybrid infrastructure, increased security, and shareable services and data, the company is ready for the rush. Find out how Okta helped make it all possible.

CIAM Maturity framework

Evaluate and improve your CIAM maturity

Okta has combined our expertise in solving identity challenges with our clients' collective knowledge and experience to establish a set of best practices and expert advice called the Okta CIAM Maturity Framework.

Transforming customer experiences

Your customers demand secure interactions with your business – this whitepaper explores how to make that happen:

  • Why GDPR compliance is both good and bad for Zero Trust
  • How data anonymisation can reduce the visibility you need for Zero Trust
  • How Brexit will impact international data transfers and cryptographic key management
Okta Transform the Customer Experience