Evaluate and improve your CIAM maturity


Accelerate your journey to a better customer experience with the Okta CIAM Maturity Framework

Okta has combined our expertise in solving identity challenges with our clients' collective knowledge and experience to establish a set of best practices and expert advice called the Okta CIAM Maturity Framework.


Full maturity unlocks six capabilities for your business

Customer experience

the ability to provide easy, useful and desirable experiences to customers

Developer experience

the ability to provide ready-to-go code, software development kits and easy-to-use documentation

Administrator experience

the ability to provide intuitive, comprehensive, and elegant tools for managing customer identity


the ability to plan holistically and intelligently to deliver value


the ability to provide technology services that operate efficiently


the ability to mitgate security risk and recover promptly when incidents do occur

Phases of the CIAM Maturity Framework

Working with one of our CIAM experts, you'll progress through the four phases of the framework to full maturity


CIAM Maturity framework - Step 1

Understand proof of value

Identify the benchmark of what solid CIAM looks like, understand how to implement or improve your CIAM solution, and explore how other organisations have leveraged the framework to create additional value.

Discover your current state

In this phase, we'll complete an assessment to document and understand how your current CIAM solution is performing. 

We'll identify gaps that are creating frustration, delay and other pain for your customers, and show you what's working well.

CIAM Maturity framework - Step 2
CIAM Maturity framework - Step 3

Create a plan to improve CIAM

In phase three, we will leverage our insights from phase two to help you develop a plan for enabling secure, convenient CIAM across your digital platfoms.

Commit to continuous improvement

As you make progress with your plan, we'll assess on an ongoing basis how your CIAM investment is delivering value.

We'll also suggest actions you can take to continue improving your identity infrastructure as your journey progresses.

CIAM Maturity framework - Step 4

Ready to get on the path to CIAM maturity?