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World IT Clarity

Okta can help you alleviate the impact that directories have on a modern business, when their proliferation creates difficulties for workforces and customers alike. Universal Directory makes change easy, by joining or consolidating your existing directories to create one world of IT clarity and seamless workforce and customer experiences.

The customer focused pains multiplied by where identity lives

Are your directories driving customers away by hampering a seamless experience? Read our blog to understand how directories can needlessly create friction for customers, causing them to potentially go elsewhere, even if it costs them more.

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The workforce focused pains multiplied by where identity lives

Until now the pains caused by directories have simply been viewed as the cost of doing business. Read our blog to understand how they are a needless drain on IT resources, especially after Mergers & Acquisitions.

What effects do directories have on modern businesses?

In these four Webinars, Computer Weekly’s Bryan Glick speaks to Max Faun from Okta about how directories influence digital experiences for both workforces and customers, and what the most practical solution are.

Universal Directory. Create one world.

Read how Okta’s Universal Directory enables organisations to connect a practically unlimited number of directories and work with them in a single pane of glass, instead of jumping through multiple consoles and different sources of truth.

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Rethinking your Legacy Directory

Legacy directories can be useful for some on-premises challenges, but their inherent limitations are holding IT back from focusing on innovation and complicating today’s remote work scenarios. Explore the paths toward reducing the role of legacy directories, or enhancing their capabilities and making the end solution fit for the modern world.

Rethinking your legacy directory
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