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Rapid growth can be a risky business in the financial sector. The constant flow of joiners, movers and leavers creates an admin burden for your IT team, with clunky onboarding and offboarding processes taking up precious time and leaving potential security gaps. Scaling up through acquisition brings legacy systems into the mix, adding technological complexity that slows down efficiency.

Handle growth smartly with Okta’s cloud-based identity solutions. Automate identity-centric processes, consolidate legacy directories, and manage user and customer lifecycles at scale, freeing up your teams to focus on innovation.


Compound annual growth rate of the fintech market by 2022

Source: Market Screener


Facilitating a major merger with Okta

When Tullet Prebon merged with ICAP, the London-based broker used Okta’s Universal Directory to integrate directories and speed up domain consolidation. Employees of both companies could be productive from the first day of combined business, and with a single control point for identity management, that productivity came with enhanced security benefits.

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Automate identity at scale, without writing a word of code. Set up identity-based processes that work for your business via a simple drag and-drop interface, remove the need to write and maintain scripts, and eliminate technical debts.

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Lifecycle Management

Speed up onboarding and onboarding of employees, with automated access from creation to deletion. Deactivate ex-employees intelligently and remove the security risk of still active accounts.

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Universal Directory

Quickly integrate legacy systems of newly acquired businesses and start realising the efficiency gains of your merged entities. Create one directory for all your users, groups and devices.

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