Securely enable remote work

The New Workplace: Re-imagining work after 2021: Connecting the right people to the right technology at the right time. 

Supporting your business continuity and resiliency

Seamless access to all resources

Unify all of your apps - cloud and on-premises - into one streamlined portal for your end users, providing them with seamless remote access from any device. Leverage Okta’s new Workflows technology to automate provisioning and deprovisioning for your entire workforce, wherever they are.

Mitigate remote access risk

Shift your security perimeter and focus on protecting user access to all resources - from VPNs to cloud and on-premises apps, to servers and APIs. Integrate your iAM solution with other key leading Zero Trust solutions.

Gauging national sentiment on the future of work

The shift to remote working was sudden and sweeping, creating challenging circumstances for many. But there’s likely to be considerable resistance to simply readopting old ways of working too. So it seemed the right time to gauge sentiment across the nation’s workforce to understand how they saw the future of work.

CIO perspectives on the Future of Work

Making secure, remote working a functioning reality fell onto the shoulders of IT teams across the world. We caught up with CIOs from different industry verticals, including some of our own customers, to hear the issues they have faced and how their teams have adapted to both the technological and human challenges. Read the perspective paper here or watch the films below.

How does your workplace compare?

Gartner recommend enhancing Remote Access Security with Multifactor Authentication and Access Management

2020 has seen the need to implement secure remote access for large workforces. Gartner believes that security and risk management leaders should invest in MFA and access management for all kinds of remote access and plan for rapid scaling.

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Free trials for the most popular apps that enhance remote working

We’ve gathered together some of the most popular apps we’ve seen deployed across our customer base, with links to their free trials so that you can get started today. Okta supports over 6,500 pre-built integrations so your experience should be seamless.

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