Single Sign-On (SSO)

The World Has Changed. Okta is Your Modern, Agile Single Sign-on Solution.


reduction in login-related helpdesk calls


faster for users to login and use new apps

Up to 5x

faster integration of IT of acquired businesses

Okta SSO Desktop

Always On Single Sign-on Solution

Reliable single sign-on service that integrates with all your web and mobile apps. An SSO application with a full-featured federation engine and flexible access policy.

The Largest, Most Reliable Integration Network

Over 6,500 pre-integrated apps for single sign on and over 1000 SAML integrations.

Integration to Any App or Modern API

Integration Wizard
OpenID Connect
Secure Web Authentication
Integration Wizard
Okta application integration

Integrate any web app to Okta in an instant with the Okta app integration wizard.

OpenID Connect
OpenID Connect

Okta supports OpenID Connect, the most modern way to federate web apps, native apps and single-page apps (SPAs).


Integrate any app that supports federation standards.

Secure Web Authentication
Secure Web Authentication

Integrate any web app. Just provide a URL – Okta does the rest and automatically stays up to date if the login page changes.

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API security

Serve as OAuth server for securing API access from a native mobile app or a web single page app.


Federation support

Support for serving as a federation IdP or SP.

Okta also supports 3rd party gateways for legacy SSO

Flexible Policy Engine

  • Conditional on group, app, IP range and client
  • Allow access, enforce a 2nd factor or deny access
  • Create any number of policies
  • Assign apps to APIs/resources and define scopes
  • Set policy in Okta for a protected resource based on any number of conditions and applied to various actions

Customisable user experience

One user-friendly way for end-users to access all their applications, tailored to each device and fully customisable.

Web Portal

Apps layout
Apps layout

Edit or change the layout of apps.


Add and remove sections, and organise apps across sections.


Centralised end-user notifications for new apps, changed passwords and custom messages from IT.


Have a lot of apps? Quickly search and launch the app you need.


Manage credentials for a SWA app. Securely reveal a password or make an update.


Okta Browser Plugin

Cross-platform browser plugin with the same tabbed browsing UX as web portal.

Detects websites and apps that are in the Okta network and allows users to add them automatically.

Enables users to navigate directly to an app and use cloud-based single sign on through Okta.

SSO Browser Plugin

Enable Mobile Workforce

The same identity access management experience as the web portal, in a native mobile app. Built for a mobile UX.

Enable mobile workforce with Okta SSO

Customisation Options

Customize SSO login page
  • Fully customisable login page
  • Embed web portal using an IFRAME
  • Use Okta SSO links in company portal
  • API that enables completely custom UX with dynamic app links per user

Secure Directory with Integration

A flexible and secure user store, integration to AD/LDAP across multiple domains and self-service AD/LDAP password reset.

Secure directory and authentication

  • Securely store users and passwords
  • Password policy with options for complexity
  • Group-based password policy
  • Rich attribute storage and transformation for supporting rich SAML and authorisation scenarios based on attributes

AD/LDAP Integration & Management

AD/LDAP Integration & Management

SSO Integration

  • Delegated authentication to AD or LDAP
  • AD password policy enforced with clear end-user error messages
  • Any number of directories or domains
  • Desktop and mobile SSO

SSO Management

  • Password management
    (requires Universal Directory)
  • Password push to AD for Okta-mastered passwords
    (requires Provisioning)

3rd Party IDP Integration

Inbound SAML and OpenID Connect from external identity providers

3rd Party IDP Integration

Real-time Security Reporting with Okta SSO

Sophisticated search of real-time system log, with geolocation tracking, pre-built application access reports and integration with SIEMs.

Built-in Event Viewer and Reports

Powerful reporting to discover and troubleshoot security and access anomalies.

SSO Reporting

Integration with 3rd Party SIEMs

  • Export full system log
  • Access full system log via Okta API
  • CSV export of searched or filtered events

Adaptive Authentication

Secure access for all users with two-factor authentication via Okta Verify OTP, included for all SSO customers.

Passwordless Authentication

Enable a better end-user experience by removing passwords without compromising on strong security practices.

  • FastPass - Desktop SSO through biometrics with no dependency on Active Directory. Learn more › 
    (Feature coming soon)
  • PIV & CAC Support - Native support for smart cards with a X.509 compliant certificate and key pair

Learn more about passwordless authentication ›

Contextual Access Management

Set intelligent access and authentication policies based on login context

customer journey

Location Context

  • New city, state, or country
  • New geo-location

Device Context

  • Device recognition
  • Device management
Zero Trust icon

Network Context

  • New IP
  • Specified IP zones
  • Network anonymisers
Iphone - One time password

Enhanced user & admin experience

Adaptive SSO includes features that improve user experience while enhancing the security posture

  • Seamless enrolment: Self-service MFA enrolment during initial login
  • Flexible authentication: Select from a variety of end user experiences, including 1-click authentication
  • Simple reporting and auditing: Detailed authentication logs, such as login attempts, with preset reports for audits and easy integration with security tools

Single Sign-On

Starting at $2 per month, per user

All products are priced per user per month, and billed annually.
Listed price is for typical use cases.$1,500 per year contract minimum. Contract minimum does not apply to non-profit organisations.