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Opening Keynote: Trust Our Superpower

Welcoming introduction from Bob Burke, Regional VP, Customer First, Okta followed by a word from our host, David McClelland, featuring the Opening Keynote: The Economy of Trust from Philipp Diekhöner, Global Innovation and Trust Pioneer.

Philipp Kristian, Global Innovation and Trust Pioneer

Trust Our Superpower


We all possess the unique human superpower of trust. It allows us to collaborate, find common ground, and achieve extraordinary things. The world works because of shared systems of trust. As we reinvent systems for collaboration and working together, technology plays a mission critical role in creating trust bridges that will allow us to be more productive and do more with our time.

In the last decade, disruptive events like the 2008-09 financial crisis and COVID-19 pandemic have created a distrust epidemic. We now have the opportunity to fix this – and move away from the friction and rules-based decision making that takes time and makes it difficult to know who to trust. As we mend global trust, we will create a new operating system on which we can build a trust society.

The urgency of technology in helping us collaborate better and build a shared universal consensus is now heightened. We have the opportunity for a global reset – and the privilege of shaping it together. We can rebuild our world with a humane, frictionless and collaborative stance. We can return to the roots of our superpower.


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