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Turn customers into fans with seamless, personalised retail experiences and loyalty programmes that deliver rewards, while keeping data safe.

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High-value returning customers are the holy grail for retailers, but can be hard to win and keep. Loyalty programmes are a valuable tool, but often require users to set up an entirely separate account that’s susceptible to fraud.

Okta solutions make your most important customers feel remembered, rewarded, and secure. Build customer loyalty by profiling each user, personalising their retail journey through all your eCommerce apps and getting a clear picture of your customer, helping you to upsell and cross-sell effectively: all while protecting your customers and their data from fraudsters.


of airline loyalty programmes have experienced fraud

Source: Identity + Loyalty: Securing the Customer Experience

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Single Sign-On

One customer – one set of login credentials for all your ecommerce sites and loyalty portals. Single Sign-On simplifies authentication and creates a single source of truth for every customer, enabling easier management and more personalised marketing.

Progressive Profiling

Build a detailed picture of your customer over time through progressive profiling. Reduce abandonment rate by gathering customer information only at the point it is needed.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Add an intelligent extra layer of e-commerce security. Secure customers’ accounts from credential theft and account takeovers, which risk your reputation and revenue. With adaptive MFA, prompts can be based on context – such as device, location or previous behaviour – ensuring proportionate security and minimal friction.

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