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How digital transformation is shaping the future of retail


Infographic: Identity is changing the face of retail


Embracing the retail revolution

Retail was already in revolution before the pandemic hit, driven by the proliferation of smart devices. With signs of a sustained shift to online, digital transformation is something retailers can no longer choose to ignore. At its heart is a modern identity ecosystem, connecting employees, partners and customers to the right services at the right time, seamlessly and securely.

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Delight your customers

Welcome shoppers with a smooth, streamlined login experience.

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Build loyalty

Protect your most valuable customers with rigorously secure loyalty schemes.

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Create agile supply chains

Connect and collaborate with partners and suppliers via the cloud.

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Dynamise your workforce

Give your people fast access to the apps they need, from any device, anywhere.

The Okta Digital Trust Index

Exploring the human edge of trust in retail

Trust came to the forefront for retailers in 2020, as digital channels became the only way to serve customers. We spoke to over 13,000 people to find out: what makes us trust a digital brand – and what breaks that trust?

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Identity is the foundation of digital transformation in retail

The shift in consumer shopping habits has forced digital identities, and their effect on the customer experience, up the agenda for retailers. Discover the 4 digital transformation trends shaping retail and how identity ecosystems can intelligently address them in our in-depth report.

4 challenges facing retailers today

See the highlights at a glance from our in-depth report, Identity is the Foundation of Digital Transformation in Retail, including the 4 key challenges facing retailers today.

Thumbnail - Identity is changing the face of retail

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