Okta FastPass

Always on passwordless authentication

Okta FastPass enables passwordless authentication into anything you need to get your work done, on any device. Utilise Okta FastPass to minimize end user friction when accessing corporate resources, while still enforcing Okta’s adaptive policy checks.

Key benefits when using Okta FastPass:

Always on passwordless

Passwordless login from any device or location to any Okta-managed app.

Any device management tool

Passwordless login with no dependency on Active Directory join or a specific EMM (enterprise mobility management)/MDM (mobile device management) provider.

Combine with device-level biometrics

End to end (from login to app access) passwordless on devices which support biometrics (login to device with biometrics, no additional prompts when accessing Okta-managed apps).

Check for Device Trust

Optionally, combine Device Trust with Okta FastPass to deliver passwordless only on managed, compliant devices.

Use cases

  • Support for Azure AD joined + Intune managed Windows devices
  • Support for Azure AD joined + VmWare Workspace ONE managed Windows devices
  • Support for MacOS devices managed by Jamf or any other enterprise mobility management tool 
  • Support for Intune managed iOS and Android devices
  • Support for VmWare Workspace ONE and MobileIron managed iOS and Android devices
  • Support for AD joined Windows devices
  • ...and many more

See how Okta FastPass works with Windows

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