Access Gateway

Extend modern identity to on-prem apps and protect your hybrid cloud


reduction in TCO and maintenance costs


reduction in risk of a security breach resulting in regulatory fines


more employee productivity due to working more from any device, anywhere

Implement contemporary security for on-prem apps

Your modern hybrid cloud needs modern, secure access management

Centralised access management

Centralise access controls for your on-prem and cloud apps. Extend cloud SSO and adaptive MFA to your traditional on-prem applications to create efficient, uniform security policies across all your systems—and manage it all from a single pane of glass. 

Intelligent security

Take advantage of Okta’s Platform Services to get a layer of security no other vendor can provide. Leverage intelligent security from across Okta’s network to protect your on-prem solutions from identity attacks.

Change your security posture, not your apps’ source code

Secure on-prem apps without changing how they work today

Move away from legacy SSO approaches by leveraging integration patterns that on-prem apps support—such as Kerberos, IWA, certificates, and header-based authentication. Streamline integrations with popular on-premises applications like Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, Microsoft SharePoint, and Oracle WebLogic.

Reduce your infrastructure footprint

Previously, companies needed multiple on-prem servers, and software to control access to on-prem apps. From Web Access Management (WAM), to MFA servers, to Active Directory and LDAP, to middleware and databases...the list goes on and on.

Now, you can reduce your identity infrastructure by up to 90% and retire WAM, on-prem SSO, and legacy reverse proxy solutions for good.

Smaller infrastructure footprint? That’s a big deal. That means fewer servers to run, patch, and monitor, and fewer vendor licenses to purchase.

It has to just work, and with Okta, it does. Users can just log in with their credentials, which give them the right access to the right services, and that's it, we're done. They don’t need to know all of the things going on in the backend.

Satish Iyer

Vice-President of Products

Workforce Identity

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