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24 June, Sydney - Become an Identity & Access Management Pro at Okta's Dev{camp}

24 June, Sydney - Become an Identity & Access Management Pro at Okta's Dev{camp}

Save your seat!

Save your seat!

24 June, Sydney - Become an Identity & Access Management Pro at Okta's Dev{camp}

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Workforce Identity Cloud

Access Gateway

Modernize access to your apps with Access Gateway

Enable your IT team to manage and secure on-premises and cloud apps from a single Identity platform without changes to source code.

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A graphic of on-premises and cloud apps layered over an image of a man on his tablet.

Access Gateway can help reduce the need for middleware and database servers and protect against security breaches, all while saving you time.

Discover your ROI


reduction in time to access on-premises apps*


TCO reduction compared to on-premises solutions*


reduction in security breaches versus legacy solutions*

A single Identity provider from cloud to ground

Securely connecting users to on-premises applications isn’t a new problem — but legacy SSO, MFA, and WAM solutions can’t keep up with the complexities of hybrid IT environments. 

See how you can connect it all on the same platform that protects your cloud apps, infrastructure, and APIs.

A graphic showing the flow between a person and how Access Gateway and Identity Cloud give access to apps.

Streamline app access

Provide seamless and modernized access to on-premises apps, even the most complex ones, with out-of-the-box integrations.

A graphic of icons of a computer, tablet, phone, and laptop, all securely connected to their apps through a padlock icon.

Manage security all in one place

Centralize access policies and controls across on-premises and cloud resources, improving IT efficiency and security posture simultaneously.

 A graphic of four avatars connected to a login screen connected to a locked firewall, represented by a key icon.

Leverage an all-in-one solution

Your Workforce Identity Cloud and Customer Identity Cloud end users can now leverage the same Okta solution to secure access to legacy, custom on-premises apps without changing how your apps work.


“Okta Access Gateway enables our employees to access our on-prem applications, allowing us to uphold our investments in existing in-house hosted web applications, while simultaneously supporting our new cloud investments."

Arun DeSouza
Chief Information Security Officer

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“Okta Access Gateway was the right technology for transforming our legacy authentication infrastructure without disrupting the legacy systems."

Ashish Sanghrajka
Chief Information Officer of Hitachi Americas and EMEA

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Access Gateway in the field

Get more out of Access Gateway

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Okta Developer

Deploy auth that protects your users, apps, APIs, and infrastructure.

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Featured Integrations

Discover thousands of pre-built integrations that make it easier and faster to address your top business challenges.

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Access Gateway guide

Learn how to get started, manage, and even troubleshoot deployment and integration problems.

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Introducing: Okta Access Gateway

Secure access to on-premises apps and protect your hybrid cloud without changing how your apps work today.

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Complementary products



A graphic of a user using Okta FastPass to sign on to different apps at once.

Single Sign-On

A single set of credentials gives your people access to enterprise apps in the cloud, on premises, and on mobile devices.

A graphic of a touch ID pop-up window.

Adaptive MFA

Secure your apps and VPN with a robust policy framework and a set of modern second-verification factors.

A graphic showing a user requesting that everyone take an action, specifically resetting passwords.

Universal Directory

Deploy a flexible, cloud-based user store to customize, organize, and manage any set of user attributes.

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Okta is a world-leading Identity provider

Our solutions are comprehensive, secure, easy-to-use, reliable, and work with your existing technology. So no matter your stack, we’ve got your back. Over 18,000 customers rely on our 7,000+ pre-built integrations, extensibility, and flexibility.

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*Savings are estimates based on customer reporting. Savings may vary and are not guaranteed.

To connect with a product expert today, use our chat box, email us, or call +61 2 8310 4484.
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