Okta for DevOps

Shift Identity Left to enable velocity at scale

What is DevOps?

We live in a fast paced world where speed is the name of the game. As every company transforms to becoming a software company, the ability to ship software faster and more effectively is critical to keep up with customer demands and combat competitive forces. Modern organizations of all kinds have adopted DevOps best practices to streamline processes and foster a culture of cross-functional collaboration to get software out the door.

With so much focus on automation and speed, security can accidentally be an afterthought, opening up an organization to significant risk. How can we move fast without breaking things? When security teams become part of the process – known as DevSecOps – companies can better streamline the delivery of software without compromising on security.

Shift identity left

Make identity & access part of your automation, not an afterthought

The DevOps best practice to inject security controls is to “Shift Left”. When you look at the entire software development lifecycle as a series of automated processes moving from left to right, you want to add security as early on where the Developers and Operations Engineers are configuring the automation. In other words – add security controls while the humans are still involved, so once the machines take over, the right guard rails are in place.

Given that Identity & Access is such a critical security component for application developers and systems administrators alike, the best practice is to “Shift Identity Left” – injecting IAM controls early on in the process. This applies to both application developers writing code, and systems administrators declaring infrastructure as code.

Shift Identity Left DevOps

Use Okta with your DevOps tools

Okta streamlines the automation of Identity & Access using the Configuration Management or Infrastructure Automation tools of your choice.

To learn how to automate Okta via your DevOps tools, visit the documentation.


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