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Use Okta to secure your end-user loyalty accounts from identity theft and fraud while delivering a frictionless experience

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Secure your loyal users

Loyalty programs are all about a feeling of belonging and a sense of appreciation. They are also home to your most valuable and engaged customers. Whether you are an airline, rental car agency, hotel, or casino, loyalty programs are at the center of your user’s journey. Building a secure and seamless experience is a fundamental part of creating high-value and recurring customers.

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Building a digital platform to manage your biggest fans is complex and challenging

User identity

You need to manage your customers’ identity securely.

Secure accounts

You need to protect your loyalty accounts from the risk of account takeover.

Seamless experiences

You need to provide a seamless experience across services.

What Okta can do for your loyalty accounts

What Okta can do for your loyalty accounts

Prevent account takeover

Secure your loyalty accounts and transactions from the risk of account takeover and fraud

Deliver seamless user experiences

Seamlessly engage your customers across omni-channel services and properties

Securely connect third-party apps

Securely offer new services and capability with partners using APIs