Proceed with Confidence: Elevating our Brand Identity

Okta has always been squarely focused on identity, and while we normally talk about digital identity, today we’re unveiling an updated brand identity. As Okta grows, scales, and enters its next phase of growth, we’re evolving and focusing for the future. I’m really proud of what we’ve built at Okta so far, but we still have a lot ahead of us, and our new brand identity is better suited for the Okta of tomorrow. Here’s what’s new:

Our vision: To enable everyone to safely use any technology

In the past, our vision focused on enabling organisations, but identity is powerful and necessary for everyone—organisations and individuals alike. Our vision is reflective of our broad audience and the potential for everyone to benefit from our work. And we do our work with safety and security top of mind. When you partner with Okta, you can be safe and confident using whatever technology you need, whenever you need it.

Our mission: Bring simple and secure digital access to people and organisations everywhere

Our mission helps us achieve our vision. “Access” is critical here. It has a technical definition within our industry — Gartner calls our space “Access Management” — but there’s a human element, too. Access is empowering. Access creates opportunity. By bringing simple and secure digital access to people and organisations everywhere, Okta enables everyone to safely use any technology.

Our brand design: a new visual identity system

We have created a visual identity as original and independent as we are. Visiting the new, you'll see our new design system at work with iconography, imagery, type, and colour palette. Our new visual identity is inspired by the layers found in global currency, building on the timeless signifiers of identity and security. The layering of typography, pattern, and imagery help dimensionalise signals of trust — which is appropriate since Okta is the company that stands for trust.

Another pillar of our brand is Odyssey, our new open-sourced design system created to help us build efficiently and consistently. It holds itself to WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and is optimised for user experience and accessibility.

This reexamination of the Okta brand represents the next evolution of our story. As we continue to grow, we’ll serve more organisations and people around the world, and we’ll be the source of the confidence for them as they modernise IT and infrastructure, deliver new digital experiences, and protest against threats. We also wanted our brand to be more accessible — representing our goal to be the identity provider for the internet — while reflecting the importance of what we do and the trust our customers put in us. 

To everyone who already has trusted in us, thanks for being part of our journey. Okta’s growing up and we look forward to continuing to grow with you.