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Financial services are driven by innovative talent. To create the feature-rich experiences customers demand, today’s brightest minds expect the freedom to work wherever they want, with access to any application from any device – but this can create a security and management headache.

Okta is the foundation for a Zero Trust security approach for your workforce. Prevent cyber attacks on financial services, and ensure secure access to the right tools for the right people, wherever and however they choose to work.


of financial services workers in Europe would prefer to work fully or partly remotely

Source: Okta: The New Workplace – A Balancing Act for Financial Services Businesses

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Connecting investors and businesses with Okta

Small business lending platform Funding Circle chose Okta as the foundation for its fully cloud first strategy. It deployed Single Sign On to give employees access to the tools they need, with each team member having just one federated identity provisioned from the cloud, regardless of whether they’re working remotely or in house. With Adaptive MFA, it can create robust access policies based on location, IP address or device, providing security and flexibility for its IT team and simplicity for its users

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Single Sign-On

Create a frictionless sign in experience for your workers, with one set of login credentials for all the apps they need. Deliver fast access to the right tools, with less downtime and fewer password reset requests.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Add an intelligent extra layer of security based on context, such as device or location. Free up your people to access best-of-breed apps on any device they choose, without compromising data or increasing security risks.

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