IAM (Identity and Access Management)

A guide to keeping the identity of your business in check.

As a business expands and scales, it adapts with applications to streamline its network and operations. Where an employee may have once had one email password, now IT manages dozens of credentials for SaaS platforms on multiple devices. 

Knowing one security slip-up can be the end of business, identity access management solutions give IT the ability to manage access control and identity with the same speed and confidence for 10 employees as for 10,000. This frees them from time-consuming manual tasks – like password resets – and allows them to focus on more challenging, fulfilling projects to drive company growth.

What is Identity and Access Management?

Identity and access management, or IAM, is the process of codifying not only users and groups in a software system, but also what resources they are each able to access and what functions they are each able to perform. IAM addresses authentication, authorization, and access control.

Setting up identity access management for your team

While enabling employees for ease of access can come with hurdles, the ultimate return on investment is unparalleled. Finding the right fit for your applications is essential.

The IAM landscape

As global enterprises adapt to the new reality of cloud-first infrastructure, there are plenty of insights and lessons being learned along the way.