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WHITEPAPER: The Role of CIAM in Digitally Transforming Customer Experiences


Okta can help you tackle and transform your customer identity initiatives. Whether that’s enhancing customer engagement, modernising infrastructure, cultivating user trust or transforming your business into a digital platform. All with speed and simplicity built in as standard.

Decoding CIAM vs IAM

Okta bypass the CIAM vs IAM debate, by offering a broad IAM cloud service with a strong foundational platform and functionality that enables CIAM use cases. Discover why we believe that’s ultimately is a better long-term choice in our whitepaper.

Rising Risk of API Okta

The Rising Risk of API Security in Your Organisation

Gartner has predicted that APIs will become the primary attack vector by 2022. Discover why the typical API lifecycle leads to security risk and what the best security solutions might be in our infographic.

Build vs. Buy: Key considerations and the advantages of a pre-built identity solution

Some things are better left to the experts. Read our whitepaper to weigh up the long term costs of building and maintaining Auth versus buying in Okta and focusing on running and innovating your core business.

build vs buy Okta

The relationship between customer identity and customer experience

In these three Webinars, Computer Weekly’s Bryan Glick speaks to Max Faun from Okta about how buying in an identity solution like Okta can both secure your business and enrich customer experience.

The Role of CIAM in Digitally Transforming Customer Experiences

Customer experience and satisfaction are the most critical differentiators for today’s businesses. Grow your understanding of the importance of digital transformation and IT as a strategic partner in achieving these goals.

Role of CIAM Okta
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