Introducing Okta Identity Governance and Okta Privileged Access

Get a single control plane to manage access, governance, and privilege.

Unified identity and access management, without the complexity

Okta announces Okta Identity Governance and Okta Privileged Access, new products in the Okta Identity Cloud which delivers unified identity and access management that just works without the complexity and overhead experienced with traditional solutions.

IT teams have to meet ambitious security, compliance, and productivity objectives. Remote work, cloud migration, and the rise in credential-based attacks have made it even harder to achieve these goals.

It’s time for a fresh approach to Identity Governance and Administration and Privileged Access Management that can protect your company and manage access in a seamless, productive way.

Bring privileged access and identity governance into the modern era

Tackle all your IAM, PAM, and IGA requirements

Easily connect your IGA and PAM solutions to all the other technologies you use every day, since Okta Privileged Access and Okta Identity Governance are built on a cloud-based unified identity platform.

Get time to value at the speed of the cloud

Traditional PAM and IGA solutions are typically resource-intensive and time-consuming to implement.

There's an easier way. Get up and running in record time with a simple SaaS delivery model and out-of-the-box workflows.

Better mitigate risk without impacting productivity

Identity-centric access — easier for administrators, better for end users.

The traditional shared account model that many legacy PAM vendors offer makes it hard to enforce policies, and even harder to audit. It's time to move to a flexible, identity-centric model that enables just-in-time access based on who you are, what you're accessing, and what you need to do.

Seamless automation for your dynamic workforce

Build end-to-end governance processes across your entire IT stack—from apps to infrastructure for employees, contractors, and partners. Leverage access insights to streamline certification flows.

Deliver modern user experiences

Deliver intuitive access request and certification experiences across chat, mobile, and web that users and resource owners actually want to use, improving compliance.

New products

Built on the Okta Identity Cloud

Okta Privileged Access

Simplify securing and monitoring just-in-time access to Linux and Windows servers, with support for databases, containers, and network appliances coming soon. 

Eliminate static credentials, securely capture and replay sessions, and set granular controls with a flexible least privilege access policy model.

Coming Q1 2022.

Can't wait? Get started with Advanced Server Access, a key component of privileged access, today.

Okta Privileged Access - PAM
Okta Identity Governance and Administration - IGA
Okta Identity Governance

Manage the lifecycle of your extended workforce and resources. Easily launch access certification campaigns and orchestrate access requests. Enable end users and resource owners to leverage self-service flows in interfaces like chat, mobile and web, reducing the burden on IT. Quickly conduct audits and generate reports to support compliance goals.

Coming Q1 2022.

Can't wait? Get started with Okta Advanced Lifecycle Management with Workflows, a key component of identity governance, today.