Integrate Enterprise Identities

Okta is the enterprise identity management system that makes B2B collaboration simple and secure

Business is complicated—the technology that makes it work shouldn’t be. Okta’s B2B identity and enterprise application integration solutions help reduce administrative overhead and simplify partner onboarding.

Big business trusts Okta to secure partner and application integrations

Minimise Administrative Overhead

Self service

Customers using external partner resources need to establish access to these resources. Typically, this requires extra security processes that must be executed manually—adding a huge burden to already busy teams.

  • Registration: Okta allows your partners to create their own accounts and passwords, and even perform extensible identity proofing, drastically reducing your administrative overhead.
  • Account Recovery: Out-of-the-box workflows give your end users the ability to regain access to their accounts without contacting helpdesk.
  • Support non enterprise partners: Okta masters their local accounts created in the cloud.
Okta Self Service

Pre Build IDP Connections

Most competitive companies already employ cloud business systems for email. Okta gives you turnkey integrations that reduce partner onboarding and rollout times in all of the most popular enterprise applications.

Pre-built IDP Connections

Preconfigured IDP

We offer connections for the most common enterprise-class providers, giving your partners effortless access to your application through their existing identities.

Painless account creation

When your partners already have an ID to access your application, establishing new accounts is simple. Reducing friction increases adoption.

Integration maintenance

You no longer need to worry about maintaining code used for your integrations. Okta’s got it handled.

Enterprise-class identity federation

Enterprise Federation

Of all the ways to integrate and manage enterprise identities—manually, self-service, prebuilt IDP— federation is the most secure and needs the least amount of administrative oversight.

  • Standards Support: Support for industry standards like SAML and OpenID Connect ensure federation by any compliant system your partners rely on.
  • Just In Time: No need to pre-create identities—users can be established as they use the system and are automatically routed to their applications.
  • Highly Secure: Since user access is controlled via the federation connection, access is determined by the user’s status with their own identity provider.
Lifecycle Management

Allowing external users access to internal resources is risky since the lifecycle of their current status is not being internally maintained. Federated identity means the user's identity is associated with the status of their IDP.

  • Leveraged status: A user’s privileges in their own system determines their access to your applications.
  • Automatic revocation: When the B2B relationship ends terminating one connection to that parter terminates all users associated to that connection ensuring access is revoked appropriately.  
Delegated Administration

Decentralising administration eliminates the frustration of menial administrative tasks. Okta’s variety of roles let your partners keep administrative oversight over their own users.

  • Scale administration: Increasing partner visibility reduces helpdesk calls to your team.
  • Role based access: Maintain an additional level of control by delegating administrative access to your choice of roles and groups.


of IT executives surveyed agree that securing identities when connecting partners or enterprise customers to their systems is a primary concern.

Command and control

Okta is a fully customisable enterprise identity platform that lets you quickly deploy separate tenants for each of your customers or partners. You can connect each customer to individual applications, or connect everyone to a common application.


Employee and customer

Employee Customer

Securely segregate your internal workforce and external customer base.


Employee and partner

Employee and Partner

Segregate partner identities to live in a separate entities while preserving all your internal employee identities.


Multi customer

Multiple Customers

Securely segregate each of your own customers with their own Okta tenant.


Standards based B2B Integration

Now onboarding partners is quick and easy. Okta connects to any entity that supports SAML or OIDC.

standard based b2b integration ii

Customise branding based on app context

You can tailor the look and feel of the identity experience to match your partners’ brands, from registration to authentication to authorisation.

Customize branding based on app context