Okta makes it easy to audit user access by bridging legacy and cloud directory user data and logging lifecycle management transactions.

Realtime syslog

IT can troubleshoot and address security issues immediately with a syslog that captures all activity in Okta in real time. With other 40 attributes, Okta has visibility into all details of user access.

More than just surfacing the data, the syslog lets you conduct advanced searches to expose actionable insights. Admins can also create custom queries and save them for repeatable searches.

Plus, get advanced visualisation capabilities. See a map-based view of where events are happening, tagged by geolocation of your users.

Pre-built reporting

Okta has a curated list of pre-built reports that help admins detect potential security risks and understand how end users consume apps and services. Admins can easily answer common questions they have about their users:

  • Who signed onto Okta? When and where?
  • What applications have we assigned to users?
  • What MFA factors are they using?
  • What is the health of their passwords?
  • Has there been any suspicious activity?