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Seamless retail from start to finish. Build agility and enhanced security into your partnerships and supply chain, with speedy onboarding and secure cloud-based portals.

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In today’s volatile climate, being able to quickly switch between suppliers has never been more critical for delivering seamless retail experiences. But onboarding can be slow, hampered by access problems, and security a perennial concern – with data breaches often the result of a weak link in the supply chain.

Okta’s identity solutions speed up the onboarding and deprovisioning of your suppliers, partners and franchisees, with a cloud-based portal for seamless connection and collaboration, and a rigorous identity layer as a secure front door.


of European retailers are looking to source products closer to home since the pandemic

Source: Retail Economics

Baker’s Delight: engaging franchisees and driving up profitability

Baker’s Delight has over 700 franchise bakeries worldwide. With Okta, it has given franchisees the ability to seamlessly log into the supplier’s portal and order flour online, deriving $500,000 savings in its first 9 months. Okta’s identity management allowed Baker’s Delight to protect its intellectual properties, such as recipes and operating manuals, while giving franchisees access to the non-intellectual property components of their system, helping drive profits and increase the number of franchisees using the system by 50%.

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Okta Authentication

Securely connect suppliers and franchisees and protect your business with strong user authentication policies. Automate identity processes at scale with Okta Workflows, without writing a word of code.

API Access Management

Quickly onboard partners and suppliers to your apps via application programming interfaces managed centrally by Okta. Control access from one easy-to-use console and keep your systems and data secure.

B2B Integration

Take the friction out of your partner and supplier relationships. Connect seamlessly with third parties that have their own identity system or directory, and save time on admin overheads.

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