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Protect your customer data with a strong identity authentication system

User authentication services that rely on passwords alone are no longer secure. Don’t believe us? Just ask the millions of people whose password is “123456.”

Set strong customer authentication policies

Enable your IT and security admins to dictate strong password and user authentication policies to safeguard your customers’ data.

Reduce account takeover attacks

Okta's auth service allows admins to easily add a second factor and enforce strong passwords to protect your users against account takeovers. Use multi-factor authentication to provide a higher level of assurance even if a user’s password has been compromised.

Balance security and user experience
for customer-facing apps

A cloud-based authentication service provider that preserves security and UX

Passwordless authentication

The best password is no password. Get rid of passwords in the customer authentication experience using email credential links, factor sequencing or WebAuthn. Your customers will be pleased to not need a password and you can rest assured that their data is still protected.

Secure-but-simple factors

Okta’s cloud-based authentication solution gives users the best of both worlds: authenticate with factors like biometrics and push notifications that are high-assurance and simple to use.

Get a single point of access, control and monitoring to detect and respond to patterns and behaviours across apps

Augment your security team and protect your end users from the latest threats proactively

Real-time syslog

Get a real-time syslog so IT can troubleshoot and address security issues immediately. Use advanced searches to identify the time, date, event time, location or targets of any security incident.

Network effect to identify threats

Take action against threats and suspicious activity across Okta’s ecosystem of more than 16,400 customers and 7,000 partners in the Okta Integration Network.

Pre-built reporting

Save time with pre-built reporting and data that you can download, sync and access in a variety of formats.

Meet compliance mandates quickly and easily

When a user requests “their information,” not understanding where it resides across your systems puts you at legal risk.

Streamlined user view

With a single view of a user across all systems, the right authentication service provider enables you to quickly and easily comply with “right to be forgotten,” CCPA, and other requests.

Unified access management for easy compliance

Keep operational costs low and minimize complexity while meeting compliance requirements by choosing a IAM partner who can take that work off your plate. Having a unified access management system across applications, API, and even servers and containers means you can meet compliance requirements with limited engineering effort.

Okta helps you meet your compliance requirements
We want one login, one password and one digital identity [for our customers] that unlocks the door to many of the services that the Digital division provides.

Ranbir Samra

Leads data, architecture and platform engineering for Digital division

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