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17 Sep, Perth - Become an Identity & Access Management Pro at Okta's Tech {camp}

17 Sep, Perth - Become an Identity & Access Management Pro at Okta's Tech {camp}

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17 Sep, Perth - Become an Identity & Access Management Pro at Okta's Tech {camp}

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Customer Identity Trends Report 2023

Based on a survey of more than 20,000 consumers across 14 countries, this report examines customer attitudes toward convenience, privacy, and security, and the implications for online service providers.

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Executive Summary

Discover the consumer attitudes towards convenience, security and privacy in the Asia-Pacific region, and how they contrast with the rest of the world. 

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Delivering great digital experiences contributes to revenue and helps brands earn long-term loyalty.

But meeting customer expectations is an ongoing challenge for organisations around the world. 

Let’s find out why …

By the

As digital transactions continue to play a larger role in our lives, the number of accounts we need to manage grows too.


of respondents in the Asia-Pacific have 10 or more active accounts


have 20 or more — slightly below Europe, that leads with 39%

By the

Nothing causes more friction than passwords, and so trouble starts the moment customers set up an account.


of Asia-Pacific respondents indicated feeling frustrated when they have to create a password that meets certain requirements


of consumers report that at least once a month they’re unable to log in to an account because they forgot their username or password

Customers want control over their own data


The large majority of survey respondents consider it important to have control over their own data when interacting with a brand online.

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Of all Asia-Pacific respondents:

  • 60% are aware of their own data security practices.
  • 45% are confident they are protecting their data with strong passwords
  • 38% claim they use different passwords for all of their accounts
  • 40% say they restrict the data they share as much as possible
Dive in

Discover how your customers are thinking about Identity and optimise your digital experiences.

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