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Server access management as dynamic as your multi-cloud infrastructure

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Bring identity to
your infrastructure

The new cloud era demands new server access management solutions

Centralised access at scale

In the cloud, your servers are constantly spinning up and down, and you need access controls that are just as dynamic. Identity is the key to protecting your modern server infrastructure. With identity at the centre of your server access strategy, you gain a unified directory to manage and automate your server users, groups, and policies at scale.

Hybrid and multi-cloud SSO

A strong identity foundation enables you to seamlessly extend SSO to your Linux and Windows servers via SSH and RDP across any hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Make your cloud adoption as fast as the wind

How can you move fast without breaking things? Put identity and access management at the centre of your DevOps platform automation, not as an afterthought.

Seamless DevOps tool integration

Use any infrastructure automation or configuration management tool of your choice to set privileged user access controls that adapt to dynamic environments as elastic resources spin up and down at scale. And baking in IAM means you can eliminate manual security checkpoints and bottlenecks that could slow down your automation.

API-first automation

Okta exposes every component and configuration as an API, so you can scale your controls across hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of servers via automation, rather than having to click around clunky old dashboards.

Meet your toughest
compliance requirements

Got extra hours in your day for server access audits? Didn’t think so.

Reduced compliance burden

Take the strain of tracking and managing server admin accounts and credentials for audits off your team’s plate. Identity helps you reconcile your role-based access controls and your audit logs, since your admin users log into servers with their Okta user account rather than a shared account. 

You can also quickly tell who accessed what when by setting granular access management policies for your server users.

Audit logs

Auditing gets even easier when you have login and session audit logs that you can view via dashboard or API, integrate with a downstream SIEM solution, or encrypt and deliver to a storage location within your own environment.

Empower your DevOps teams

Don’t let server access hold your DevOps teams back

Automated onboarding and offboarding

Foster DevOps as a service with smooth onboarding and end-user experiences. Your team can focus on delivering software and provisioning infrastructure quickly and safely without waiting weeks to get the access they need—and anyone who leaves your company will be automatically decommissioned. 

SSH and RDP security

It’s business as usual for your existing SSH and RDP tools and workflows. They’ll just work as is, only with extra security controls.

Having an integrated system means Comcare’s security operations centre can monitor Okta logs—along with any other IT logins—through a single pane of glass. Any anomalous activity is identified and raises an alert.

Peter Hinchley

Solutions Architect

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