Enterprise Federation for Your Service

Bring enterprise users into your apps and portals

The challenge

Scaling enterprise connections

You want people to be able to access your services with zero extra effort. That's a given. But what if they already have a corporate identity? Setting up federation with an existing identity service can take tremendous time and energy. Usually it means getting on the phone with the identity provider to configure an account. Then there’s the back-and-forth of setting up SAML, provisioning users, and applying access policies. And because identity providers often implement standards a bit differently, each new federation looks like a new species.

The solution

Okta Identity Cloud

Inbound federation

Federating an organisation into your app is usually tough. With Okta, it's easy. Think of us as your ambassadors. Okta's platform connects you to any number of federated identity providers—then negotiates implementations and manages trust.


  • Rapidly onboard partners and customers to your application, with no extra work for your team
  • Make it easy for partners to manage access to your applications locally, according to their own policies and processes
  • Secure your connections with standards-based federation
  • Do it all at scale

Single Sign-On

If your product connects several apps together but requires people to authenticate every time they jump into a new section, you're losing major UX points. With Okta, users can click once to sign in to everything.


  • Link any set of applications with one username, one password, and one session
  • Deploy prebuilt integrations into apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, Netsuite, and Box
  • Rely on Okta for testing and maintenance of your connectors, and get the certainty that they're always up to date

Command and control

Okta is an imminently customisable identity platform. You can quickly deploy separate Okta tenants for each of your customers or partners. Connect them to individual applications for each customer, or connect everyone to a common application. You get the full feature set for each customer, with no additional hardware or software to manage.

Flexible authentication options

Depending on each customer’s needs, you can easily enable inbound SAML for some customers, provide directory integration for others, and use Okta’s built-in directory for everyone else.