User Management

Add user sign up to your apps and manage customer identities at scale via APIs or from Okta's user-friendly admin console.

Friction during registration impedes application adoption. On average the cost of a password reset by help desk is $70.

User Management Okta

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Easily manage customer profiles

Create and manage user profiles and assign rights using a user friendly admin console or programmatically via APIs.

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Create frictionless registration experiences

Build using Okta's APIs or out-of-box workflows.

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Effortlessly migrate large scale user stores

Seamlessly migrate large scale legacy deployments into a modern cloud infrastructure.

Easily manage customer profiles

Simplify user identity management with software that unifies access policy assignment, group membership definition and security policy enforcement with Okta’s software.

Universal Directory

Highly scalable cloud-based user store to manage all your users, groups and devices, mastered in Okta or from any number of sources.

  • Cloud-based user store scales effortless with the growth of your application
  • Serves as a single location for all types of user accounts, including AD/LDAP or external resources
  • Import profiles from various sources, and assign user account access from a single management system
  • Use groups, group rules and policies to assign partners access to your resources

Okta API Products - User management hosted in the Okta Identity Cloud

Okta Expression Language

Expressions allow you to reference, transform and combine attributes before you store them on a user profile or before passing them to an application for authentication or provisioning.

Okta Expression Language.

Profile mapping

Take attributes from the profile schema of one application and easily map them to attributes for an application with a different schema.

Universal Directory - Meta Directory attitude mapping transformation

Create frictionless registration experiences

Build using Okta's APIs or out-of-box workflows.

Okta Self-Service

Self-service registration

Easily add the ability to allow your users to self register accounts by embedding a “Sign Up” button that links to a customisable registration form. Manage fields and post registration processes such as requiring an activation email from Okta’s administration console.

  • Allow customers to create their own accounts
  • Fully customisable

Registration Inline Hook

Extend Self-Service Registration with external custom logic or 3rd party services to modify and validate profiles before completing registration.

Okta Customer Identity Inline Hooks

Progressive profiling

Incrementally build customer profiles over the customer’s lifetime by adding progressive profiling for required and optional attributes.

Okta User Management Progressive Profiling 1

Limit initial registration forms to the bare minimum and delay asking users for additional information until necessary to reduce abandonment rates.

Okta User Management Progressive Profiling2

Ask for additional attributes later in the customer journey.

API-based user management

Programmatically create and manage users using powerful APIs or SDKs built for automating user tasks.

Okta out of the box flows

Pre-built workflows

Out-of-the-box workflows for password reset and account recovery that are customisable for a broad set of use cases. Customisable email templates and SMS responses in over 20 languages.

Event Hooks

Event Hooks allow you to be notified of certain events within Okta so you can more tightly integrate with or kickoff processes in downstream technologies. Potential customisations made possible by Event Hooks include:

  • Push newly registered user into the rest of your marketing technology stack, including email marketing systems, analytics, CRM, data warehouse, etc.
  • After a user registers in Okta, complete the account creation process across backend systems
  • Sync user profile updates into downstream data stores
  • Upon user deletion in Okta, begin the process of deleting user data in other related systems

Okta Customer Identity Event Hooks Marketo

Effortlessly migrate large scale user stores

Seamlessly migrate large scale legacy deployments into a modern cloud infrastructure.

Okta user migration

User migration

  • Seamlessly migrate user profiles, including credentials from existing user stores into Universal Directory.
  • Okta provides several methods of migration including, imports, live migration, or JIT methods.

Inline Import Hook

Easily migrate customer profile data from existing user stores with customisable data clean up and profile enrichment. Combine data from multiple sources into Okta’s centralised Universal Directory.

Okta Inline Hooks diagram

Import matching rules

Define policies to selectively import users from external directories. Matching rules makes the creation of users easy and fast. With the rules in place there is no need to manually confirm users, simply let the rules complete their processing.

Okta Customer Identity User Management Import Matching Rules

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