User Management

Collect and store user profile data and manage user access at scale, to give your customers personalised experiences


reduced administrative costs to manage user access, requests and policies


reduced costs related to customer password and registration issues


saved per user password reset





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Manage customer profiles with ease

The first step toward giving your customers personalised experiences is getting all your information about them in one place

Scalable, cloud-based user management software

Simplify user identity management with software that unifies access policy assignment, group membership definition and security policy enforcement, all with Okta’s underlying Universal Directory.

A future-proof, single source of truth

Manage user data from all stores consistently and automatically, now and in the future. With profile mapping, map attributes from one app to another to guarantee data consistency. And use the Okta Expression Language to reference, transform and combine attributes before storing them in a user profile or passing them to another app for access management.

Create frictionless registration experiences

If your user management system frustrates customers during registration, they just won’t register. Leverage simple out-of-the-box solutions and APIs to create frictionless registration experiences.


Allow your users to self-register accounts by embedding a sign-up button that links to a customisable registration form. Manage fields and post-registration processes, such as requiring an activation email, from Okta’s administration console.

Progressive profiling

Incrementally build user profiles over the customer’s lifetime by adding progressive profiling for required and optional attributes. Decreasing up-front friction will increase conversion and make user account management a breeze.

Integration with downstream processes

Use event hooks to kick off processes in downstream technology. Push new users into your email marketing system, complete the account creation process across backend systems and sync user profile updates into downstream data stores.

Migrate user stores
at scale

Combining different user stores, each with different profile data, into one source of truth is a tedious and error-prone process. To build a reliable and scalable user store, you need to automate this sensitive process as much as possible.

Flexible import methods

Seamlessly migrate your user stores into Okta with multiple import methods that fit your business needs. Conduct bulk imports from CSV or via API, just-in-time migrations with inbound federation or from an existing database or imports from existing directories like AD/LDAP, CRMs or on-premises provisioning.

Import matching rules

Import matching rules let you create users quickly. No need to confirm users manually — just define rules, sit back and let them run.

Custom functionality

With Okta’s Inline Import Hooks, you can migrate customer profile data easily from existing user stores with customisable data cleanup and profile enrichment. Combine data from multiple sources into Okta’s centralised Universal Directory.

It was a lot of data to push over the wire before launch. We trust Okta to safeguard the information better than we could and allow us to deliver our services better.

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