Secure APIs

Our API Access Management lets you easily centralise authorisation.

APIs are the very foundation of modern applications. Okta makes it simple to create, apply, and adapt authorisation policies to protect your APIs.

OAuth 2.0 + extensions

Use standards to speed adoption

Okta API Access Management implements OAuth 2.0 and multiple extensions

Using standards gives you an ecosystem of tooling, libraries, training, and best practises to create solutions applicable to your architectures, applications, and use cases. Okta not only implements the standards, we take an active role in helping develop them to fit your real-world problems and scenarios.

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Build flexible authorisation policies

Context-aware Authorisation Policies

Our API authorisation policies employ grant types, user-group membership, and external data sources.

Role-based Access Control

We allow your teams to establish, maintain, and audit authorisation policies based on group membership and user context—without writing any code.

Separate Use Cases

Use OAuth Client specific authorisation policies to grant or limit access for applications acting on behalf of those users.

Extend with Embedded Data

Integrate with your internal systems to retrieve dynamic data or additional entitlements for downstream applications.

Integrate with API Management Platforms

Use the right tools for the job

Okta lets you embed your authorisation policies into existing infrastructure in just minutes.

Learn more about API Gateway integrations

Many Platforms, One System

We allow dev teams to use the API gateways and tools specific to their architectures and use cases while keeping authorisation policies central and auditable by security teams.

Transparent Provisioning

Okta Universal Directory gives you a single, real-time view of the developers, partners, and customers entering and leaving your ecosystem, ensuring only the correct people and systems have access to your APIs.

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Centralised Administration Allows Decentralised Development

Get a single view of authentication, authorisation, and policies for compliance and audit control.

User consent

Okta allows downstream third-party applications to prompt users for permission to access sets of scopes. Each user’s consent remains valid until they choose to revoke these privileges.

Token preview

Preview the scopes, claims, and values in your OAuth tokens before activating them for APIs.

Dashboard and system log

Get real-time visibility and anomalous behaviour reports. As token-related events such as creation and revocation occur, Event Hooks let you notify external services outside of Okta.

Learn more

See how our API Access Management effectively applies Universal Directory and Single Sign On to your APIs to protect all of your systems, whether they’re for employees, contractors, customers, or partners.