Secure Access to On-Prem Apps

Deploy SSO and MFA to on-prem apps without changing code

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Alliance Data Eases Growing Pains With Okta

Three years ago, we had user accounts everywhere, and nothing was centralized. Our large, mature, mostly Oracle-based applications were the 100-pound gorilla in the room. Okta blended the experiences into a hybrid solution.

— Darren Linden, Head of Corporate IT Services at Alliance Data Systems

Consolidate SSO and MFA for all apps

Okta delivers single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for apps, infrastructure, and APIs regardless of where they are hosted – on-prem or in the cloud – saving time, money, and increasing productivity.

Reduce costs

Reduce infrastructure and operational costs by eliminating redundant tools and legacy identity silos, servers, and maintenance required to secure applications on-premises.

Centralise access controls and configuration

Switch from coordinating configuration across multiple systems, correlating audit logs, and connecting security silos to unified access policies and auditing.

Get MFA compliant with modern security

From Biometric authentication, to risk-based authentication, to passwordless, you can get MFA compliant and boost security with the best security and user experience.

Reduce vendor risk

Retire defunded or deprecated web access management, MFA servers, and legacy Single Sign-On solutions.

Enable Modern, Seamless Access For All Users

Provide access to all applications within a single, user-friendly portal, regardless of device and location.

By 2022, IDaaS will be the chosen delivery model for more than 80% of access management deployments globally

Source: Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Access Management, Worldwide 2018