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Retail’s seasonal nature typically results in high employee churn, resulting in disproportionate amounts of time being drained onboarding staff – and a security risk if ex-employees are still able to access company systems.

A cloud-based, online identity solution automates the joiner, mover, leaver process, relieving you of the admin burden. New arrivals are provided with access to the systems they need, while leavers are deprovisioned automatically, keeping sensitive company data secure.


of ex-employees still have access to company data after leaving

Source: IS Decisions

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Lifecycle Management

​Automate onboarding and offboarding, saving your IT team the admin. Quickly get new starters up and running, with fast access to the resources they need. Deactivate ex-employees automatically and remove the risk of being compromised through still-active accounts.

Single Sign-On

Simplify your team’s digital experience with one set of login credentials to access all the apps they need, and reduce the need for time-consuming password resets.

Multi Factor Authentication

Remove the risk of weak passwords by requiring a second form of identity verification for users accessing your apps, such as a code sent via text or a mobile app. With adaptive MFA, you can control where, when and for whom MFA is required – balancing friction with the level of security needed.

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