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Poor login experiences are bad for business, and so are faults in your online retail security. Lengthy registration processes and complex password rules are a turn-off for customers, a headache for developers, and can create more security problems than they solve.

Remove friction from your buyer journey and create brilliant retail customer experiences with Okta’s secure cloud-based identity solutions. Streamline login and registration with strong, standards compliant authentication, and automate routine tasks so your team can focus on building your product.

1 in 3

customers would walk away from a brand after a single poor experience

Source: PWC

Okta Authentication

Streamline login and improve online security with Okta’s cloud-based user authentication. Reduce the risk of password-based attacks with strong authentication policies and passwordless authentication. Meet GDPR compliance mandates quickly and easily.

User Management

Unlock the value of personalisation. Collect, store and manage customer information at scale. Unify identity data to create a single source of truth for every customer and a 360 view of their journey through your apps.

Single Sign-On

Ease your customer’s journey as they browse from one app to the next. With Okta Single Sign-On, users have one set of login credentials they can use across all your sites and portals, without needing to re-authenticate each time.

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