Why Okta Forum21 is Europe’s leading Identity event

With 78% of customers in the EMEA stating they’d be unlikely to purchase from a company they did not trust,1 it’s easy to see why the topic is a major concern for many organisations today – but what does trust really mean for your customers, your employees, and your digital business? And how do you successfully secure trust when anxieties around cybercrime and digital transformation are at an all-time high?

It’s a box many business leaders are struggling to tick. That’s why at the Okta Forum21 Europe this June 23rd, we’re bringing together some of the best minds in IT and cybersecurity today to share their strategies for building trust in a post-pandemic world.

During this live and fully virtual event hosted by tech reporter and tv presenter David McClelland, you’ll get free front-row access to over six hours’ worth of insights from Identity experts across the EMEA that explain the value of trust and how it can drive success in the digital era.

Some key highlights that prove why Okta Forum21 is Europe’s leading Identity event include:

Derek Gordon of PwC talks trust & the new security culture…

Establishing digital trust is a top priority for organisations throughout Europe as they accelerate their migrations into the cloud – but what does end-to-end trust look by today’s standards and how important is it to the future of your business?

Derek Gordon, Director of Cyber Security at PwC, explains how trust is transforming the business landscape and why creating a new security culture around Identity, Privacy, and Data Security is now a crucial part of the digital journey.

Liz Cocker of ITV on the future of ready hybrid IT…

The continually evolving nature of the hybrid cloud and how to securely manage Identity and private data within complex hybrid IT environments are major concerns for many business leaders today.

Liz Cocker, Identity Service Manager at ITV talks to David McClelland about her vision of Identity at ITV and the role it plays in a hybrid world.

Duncan Brown of IDC on building better digital experiences for customer loyalty…

The pandemic provides a new opportunity for tech leaders to position IT as core to the business. The short-term focus is to orchestrate the digital dream team, the long term one is a move towards the Future Enterprise.

Duncan Brown, VP of Enterprise Research Europe, IDC, explains the role of the future CIO, and why secure, seamless customer experiences that maintain customer loyalty by building trust will be their top priority pushing forward.

For a closer look at all speaker timelines and topics discussed during the event, or to register your spot for free today, look here: https://www.okta.com/forum21europe/

1 Digital Trust Index, Okta 2021 (UK, FR, NL, DE)