Building trust in the digital world

The Okta Digital Trust Index

What makes us trust a brand – and what breaks that trust? We spoke to 13,000 office workers to find out.

Trust is the cornerstone of growth

Trust is an organisation’s most valuable asset: the Okta Digital Trust Index found that 76% of us are unlikely to purchase from a brand we don’t trust. Trust is key to keeping the wheels turning in a world in which we increasingly connect remotely – and businesses that understand how to build and keep it will unlock lasting growth.

Drive customer loyalty

Win customers’ trust with seamless experiences backed by best-in-class security.

Connect with confidence

Connect to any technology, anywhere, and keep business going without a hitch.

Protect your IT

Prevent data breaches that could be costly for your revenue and reputation.

Secure your workforce

Meet the demands of a dynamic workforce while keeping your systems safe.

Demystifying Digital Trust

Exploring the human edge of trust in a digital world

What makes consumers trust a brand – and what breaks that trust? With more of us working from home, how are employers stepping up online security? Okta spoke to over 13,000 office workers across Europe to explore how trust affected their behaviour, both as a customer and an employee.

Digital Trust Report
52 percent

of respondents permanently stopped using a company’s services after a data breach1

Jessica Barker

Building digital trust starts with security

Bryan Glick of Computer Weekly joins cybersecurity expert Jessica Barker to explore what drives consumers to trust a brand, how people’s online behaviour has changed since working from home, and how IT leaders can create a new security culture in the workplace.

Who’s trusting who in your industry sector?

Which industry workers are most and least trusting when it comes to working and buying online? View our sector-specific infographics to find out.

Retail sector

Trust in the retail sector

43% of office workers in the retail sector said they’re more cautious about providing personal information online since the pandemic.

See the highlights at a glance from our survey of office workers in the retail sector.

Digital Trust Retail

Manufacturing sector

Trust in the manufacturing sector

32% of businesses in the manufacturing sector introduced new technologies like multi-factor authentication.

See the highlights at a glance from our survey of office workers in the manufacturing sector.

Digital Trust Manufacturing

Financial sector

Trust in the financial services sector

47% of businesses in the financial sector have enhanced staff training processes with Okta Identity.

See the highlights at a glance from our survey of office workers in financial services.

Digital Trust Financial Services

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