Embrace Hybrid and Dynamic Work


Accelerate your journey to trusted flexible working
with Okta's hybrid work maturity framework

Establishing your hybrid work maturity

At Okta, we're leveraging our expertise in identity and emerging workforce challenges to help customers evaluate their readiness for the dynamic future of work.

To this end, our hybrid work maturity framework is designed to guide your Trust at Work journey while outlining the practical steps you can take to reach full maturity.

Maturity diagram

Total workforce flexibility

  • Seamless user experience across workforce, contractor and partner ecosystem
  • 3D Security: MFA & Single Sign On
  • Zero Trust security
  • Comprehensive resiliency plan
  • Environmental impact steers decisions
  • Compliance is orchestrated

Full maturity enhances your capability

Seamless experiences

Digital experiences are elegant and frictionless for end users and IT admin teams, whether on-site or remote.

Security and resilience

A Zero Trust security model authenticates every user, every time, regardless of network, device or location.

Lower carbon footprint

Workplace emissions are minimised through less commuting and more online meetings.

Regulatory compliance

Organisations are fully compliant with regulations enforcing data security and employee protections for the entire distributed workforce.

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Thanet District Council achieves over 4,000 hours of improved productivity by establishing trust at work with Okta

5 steps to reaching Trust at Work maturity


CIAM Maturity framework - Step 1

Take a healthcheck

Find out how close your business is to achieving Trust at Work.

Take IDC's quick online assessment to evaluate your security policies, IT flexibility, employee experience and overall readiness for the hybrid workplace, and get personalised recommendations.

Start your Zero Trust journey

Work with Okta to discover where the deficiencies are in your current identity infrastructure that are creating frustration and delays for your workers.

Together, we'll help you create a plan to start your journey to Zero Trust security.

CIAM Maturity framework - Step 2
CIAM Maturity framework - Step 3

Assess your environmental impact

Understand the impact of your current workforce structure on your greenhouse gas emissions.

Use our online checklist to review your workplace emissions from offices, commuting and homeworking, and explore how this could improve with a shift to hybrid work.

Get ahead on compliance

Be proactive about compliance. Learn about the legislation affecting your employees' right on data protection, working time, and health and safety in the remote workplace.

Be part of the movement shaping regulation, rather than reacting to it.

CIAM Maturity framework - Step 4
CIAM Maturity framework - Step 5

Foster a culture of improvement

Keep building on your successes by establishing a culture of continuous improvement.

Seek out opportunities to enhance collaboration between teams, partners and suppliers.

Encourage feedback and invite ideas so that Trust at Work becomes a collective vision that all your people feel part of.

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