Accelerate Office 365 Adoption

Accelerate the move to the cloud for all apps

Rolling out O365 made painless and secure. Start your journey into the cloud by adopting O365 with Okta.

Single Sign-on Accelerated

Automatically configure O365 federation directly from Okta, enabling a single sign-on experience in a few clicks.

Prebuilt application in the Okta Integration Network

Utilise a prebuilt O365 integration from the Okta Integration Network of 6,000+ applications.

Support for secure web access and WS Federation SSO

Utilise SWA (secure web authentication) to ease migration to full federation utilising WS Fed.

Agentless desktop single-sign on

Roll out cloud software while still taking advantage of your existing domain with desktop single sign-on. Give your end users an end-to-end single sign-on experience from the web or thick client.

Integrating Active Directory

The journey to the cloud is like no other technological upgrade. There is no need to rip out your current infrastructure. Moving to the cloud is as simple as a small agent that can be deployed in any geographical location with Okta's Active Directory Integration.

Selective Imports

Specify users and groups from the Active Directory Organisational Units that will be imported into Okta. 

Delegated Authentication

Utilise authentication via Active Directory by delegating authentication. 

Just In Time Creation

Create users in Okta as they log in rather than bulk importing an entire user directory.

6x Faster

Okta’s cloud identity layer simplifies complex architectures that leads to shorter deployment cycles. O365 deployment times are up to 6x faster.*

Secure and flexible controls

Ensuring your users make the most of Office 365 means making it easy for them to access all O365 services from any clients. With different versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams across different types of devices, the sheer volume of O365 clients can be overwhelming.


Network threats occur pre-authentication. Use Okta ThreatInsights to perform service level evaluation pre-authentication. Preventing user accounts from lock out and giving the the flexibility to take action on different level threats protecting access to your O365 integration from any platform. 

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Adaptive MFA

Create flexible MFA policies that enforce MFA only when necessary, lock down legacy products such as POP and IMAP while reduce support costs with self service factor management. 

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User Management

Managing licenses is crucial to success in a world of subscription based services. From basic license and role management to full user provisioning and deprovisioning with support for 50+ attributes, Okta provides various levels of provisioning to help craft a user life cycle flow that works best for your organisation.

Attribute Mapping 

Transform and combine attributes such as username, location, and proxy address within Okta’s Universal Directory, for downstream usage in Office 365.

Advanced provisioning and deprovisioning

Managing users in each of your cloud offerings becomes a daunting task as your organisation grows and your cloud adoption grows. Use Okta to manage the O365 user lifecycle to easily onboard and offboard users.

Guest User Management

Eliminate scripts or the manual work needed to manage guest users across O365 tenants. Create guest users and invite them to your O365 tenant directly from Okta.

Group Push

Use Okta to create O365 and security groups from any source such as Active Directory, Okta or a third party application.

Seamless experiences for all

User Experience

User experiences designed to be seamless, simple and customisable. Once O365 authentication requests are redirected to Okta: 

  • Self Service functionality: From the Okta login page, end users have the ability to perform account recovery for passwords or factors as well as enrolment
  • Authentication flow: Authentication experiences are identical across mobile, pc’s and thick client. After a successful authentication, end users are redirected to their source application
  • Agentless Desktop Single Sign On: For users on a domain joined machines, authentication is automatic
  • Silent Activation: Thick client activation occurs silently in the background, end users never have to enter in their username
Office 365 User Experience

IT Admin Experience

Not only is it seamless to use O365 and Okta, the administration of the integration is designed to get you up and running in no time so you can focus on other tasks.

  • Centralised logging and reporting: With Okta, log events are stored in a central location. Giving you a central location to view authentication events across O365 apps
  • Automatic federation: The Okta integration allows you to automatically configure federation from within Okta making the setup process simple and fast. 
  • Multiple domains in one: No matter how many domains you have, they can all be manged by one app instance within Okta. Adding new domains is as simple as 2 clicks.
  • Assign new O365 apps: Assign out multiple O365 apps (Teams, Yammer, Excel, etc.) to your users from a single application in Okta 
Office 365 Admin Experience