Protect Against Account Takeover

Halt identity attacks—and stop fraudsters in their tracks—by securing your customer logins.

An account takeover (ATO) is an identity attack where the hacker gains unauthorized access to your users’ accounts and steals money, credentials, or information. Did you know that 80% of targeted takeovers can be traced to weak or stolen passwords? That’s why Okta uses smart adaptive policies and strong authentication to protect your valuable consumer accounts from multiple risks.

The world’s largest companies trust Okta with their customer accounts


We provide a secure front door to customer authentication using standards like SAML and OpenID/OIDC. Properly implementing authentication increases security by:

  • Reducing risks associated with broken authentication
  • Enforcing strong password requirements
  • Detecting and blocking commonly used passwords
  • Adding MFA for social authentication providers
  • Securing password reset and recovery flows from attackers
  • Embedding modern security for applications hosted on-premises
Authentication Okta Customer Exampes

Adaptive Authentication

We automatically analyse the risk from contextual signals associated with login requests, with no user input or interaction required. 

Our AMFA serves as a powerful ally against account takeovers by:

Analysing signals associated with each authentication request

Using AI/ML in conjunction with a heuristics-based policy engine for security coverage

Integrating Okta’s threat-feed to provide insight into an attacker’s profile

Eliminating friction for legitimate users by only prompting MFA during elevated risk scenarios

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication push notification

Our MFA leverages a wide range of factors to enforce strong primary and step-up authentication to assure your customers’ online safety. This additional layer of security stops attackers by:

  • Deploying MFA at login as well as downstream in the application
  • Managing the entire MFA lifecycle across enrollment, authentication, and recovery 
  • Eliminating passwords in the authentication journey 
  • Providing an administrative console for effective security management and quick response