Access Gateway for Customer Identity

Embed modern authentication into web apps – without having to change code.


reduction on TCO and administration costs*


reduction in security breaches**

0 hours

required to convert on-prem apps to modern standards***

Okta Access Gateway CIAM

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Embed modern security into traditional web apps

Use authentication, adaptive MFA, and intelligent security from the cloud.

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Integrate customer apps fast without changing code

Use app templates and native on-premise integrations.

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Shrink your identity infrastructure

No middleware and no databases required.

Embed modern security into traditional web apps

Improve user experience and secure your customers' access with Okta Authentication, Adaptive MFA, and ThreatInsights – Okta's threat intelligence network.

Secure seamless user experience across applications

Deliver a delightful and consistent access experience for all of your customer's applications. From Web Portals to Mobile Apps. From cloud to ground.

Deliver a secure and delightful experience for all of your customer's applications

Protect traditional apps with modern security

Leverage threat intelligence, authentication context, AI-driven security, and multi-factor authentication to enhance application security. Stop account takeover while rewarding customers with passwordless experiences.

Protect apps with modern security

Authorize access with granular policies

Authorize access based on application URLs, customers, groups, and network information. Centralize access control to customer apps on-prem and in the cloud.

Authorize access to apps

Leverage intelligent security from Okta’s network

Capture large scale threats and mitigate attacks without impacting customer experience using Okta's network: ThreatInsight.

Intelligent security

Integrate customer apps fast without changing code

Streamline app onboarding with native integrations and support for on-premise patterns.

Use native integrations with on-prem platforms

Integrate with popular platforms – such as Oracle WebLogic and IIS – in minutes.

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Eliminate app conversions

Leverage on-premise integration patterns such as Kerberos, IWA, and Header-Based authentication to support traditional web applications.

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Header-based authentication
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Shrink your identity infrastructure

Reduce costs and operational burden from legacy SSO stacks.

Secure modern and traditional apps with the same identity stack

From web portals to mobile apps. From cloud to ground.

Minimze identity infrastructure

Implement a no middleware, no database architecture

Reduce 90% of your identity infrastructure by retiring Web Access Management (WAM) and on-premise Single Sign On solutions.

web access managment replacement

To learn more about Access Gateway and how to protect your on-premise apps with Okta, talk to us.

Access Gateway for Customer Identity

To learn more about Access Gateway and how to protect your on-prem apps with Okta, talk to us.